Who Is Answering Questions About Your Brand? Free White-Paper

Who Is Answering Questions About Your Brand?
Consumers ask questions about your brand every single day. Do you really know who is answering their questions?
What’s inside:
The rise of voice assistants, chatbots, and the introduction of natural language processing in search has made the entire search ecosystem more conversational. We ask for what we need because we trust that the search ecosystem will provide a specific answer.
But what about when it doesn’t provide an accurate or relevant answer? What about when consumer questions about businesses lead to answers from content farms looking to capitalize on clicks — or an ad for the business’s top competitor?
3VS conducted research and uncovered that 82% of common questions about Fortune 500 companies are answered by sources other than the brand.
In this whitepaper, you’ll discover:
  • Why search matters more than ever — even in the era of “no-click” searches
  • What brands risk by failing to deliver answers to customer questions
  • How delivering brand verified answers builds consumer trust and drives conversion
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