* Basic $99 month website

4 Pages

Your pages can be anything you want, including a biography or about us page, a history page, a product or service page or specific city pages for SEO. Portfolio pages are limited to a total of 15 photos.

Domain Name

Your website deserves a great Domain name. I will research what name best suits your business. A Domain name is one component of a website trifecta: the others being Hosting and Design & Development. New domain name included.


All the text, graphics and images for your website have to physically sit somewhere so that internet browsers can populate and display your website. This is what hosting provides. Think of it as a hard drive located in ``the cloud.`` Hosting is included in our monthly website subscriptions.

SEO Level 1 - Landing Pages (3 Keywords / Locations)

SEO means optimizing your website so that it shows up in search results from Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. for your products & services. When someone ``Googles`` “plumber in Utica Michigan” we make sure you are on the 1st page. SEO is complex and dynamic. Results vary. SEO Level 1 Basic Included. SEO UPDATES every 12 months. Landing pages are website pages that are coded for your products and/or services.

Web 1.0 Website

A Web 1.0 Website is a ``Read-only website,`` which means that you will not have a login and cannot edit the website yourself. Thankfully, this monthly plan includes content updates.


Just like your smart phone and its apps require updates, so does your website, its apps and plugins. Our monthly subscriptions include updates.

Content Updates Every 6 Months†

Things change. Phone numbers, addresses, events, promotions. Your website needs to reflect these changes. Our monthly subscriptions include updates.

New Webpage Every Year‡

New Web Design Every 4 Years§

* All Monthly plans cost $49.99, $99.99, $199.99, $259 or $279 respectively per month with a minimum 12-month commitment paid up front in full. After 1 year, payments can be made monthly via credit card. † Content updates are as follows: (1) $49.99 Monthly Plan up to 200 characters of text or 1 photo or 1 graphic or 1 video added every 6 months; (2) $99.99 Monthly Plan up to 400 characters of text or 2 photos or 2 graphics or 2 videos added every 3 months; (3) $199.99 Monthly Plan up to 800 characters of text or 10 photos or 10 graphics or 10 videos added every month; (4) $259.99 Monthly Plan up to 1600 characters of text or 15 photos or 15 graphics or 15 videos added every month. SEO updates every 90 days; (5) $279.99 Monthly Plan up to 1600 characters of text or 15 photos or 15 graphics or 15 videos added every month or 10 products.. ‡New Webpage Every Year requires another 12-month commitment and payment to qualify. §Additionally, the New Web Design also requires a 12-month commitment paid up front in full.

Additional Services &  Add-ons

100-Backlinks SEO Boost

Photoshoot (1 hr)

Web Video (60 sec)

Logo Creation

Weekly SEO & Keyword Rank Reports for Google, Yahoo & Bing


PayPal eCommerce Cart

Examples of $99 / month Websites

$49 / month website
$49 / month website
$49 / month websites